A Busy Start To The Year

As im writing this, Im struggling to believe that we will already be in March next week!! Where has the time gone? So far, this year has started the way last year ended...BUSY! We've already clocked up a few thousand miles in the van with deliveries to all corners of the country and my continuing tour with the Bemore Genesis. With trips being scheduled for deliveries in Europe in the coming weeks, we will have soon added more miles to the yearly tally!!
Bemore Launches New Model
With the continuing success of the Bemore brand, we are pleased to announce the UK launch of the brand new Bemore Discovery. This instrument offers many of the features of the flagship Genesis model, but in a more compact home style cabinet. Featuring the same 15.5" HD wide screen display and unique operating system, the Discovery offers incredible ease of use, allowing players of all abilities to successfully navigate their way around this instrument. We are delighted that after just a matter of weeks on the UK market, we delivered and installed the first Bemore Discovery this week. Our customers are delighted with the product and after just an hours tutorial on the instrument, were loading presets and editing them to suit their playing style! This was the first Bemore Discovery the be sold to anybody anywhere in the world and we are sure that it will not be the last! We continue to work very closely with Richard at Bemore. He is not only a business associate, but has grown to be a dear friend that we look forward to many more years of joint success with. 

Paul's Bemore Genesis at his recent concert in Hull

The First Bemore Discovery to be delivered in Europe.
New Speaker Range Available at Music Traders
Music Traders are pleased to announce that they are now offering a range of Edifier speakers. These speakers offer superior sound quality at an affordable price. Of all of the speakers we have tested with out products, we found the Edifier range to be the perfect fit for the Organs and Keyboards. Many in the range offer bluetooth connectivity as well as RCA and AUX connections meaning they are compatible with all Keyboard and Organ set ups. These speakers would be great for the home player enhance the sound of their product. We have sold several pairs of these speakers already and have already had to place further orders with Edifier to re-stock! 

Used Stock

As ever, we have an ever changing range of second hand bargains. The list changes almost on a weekly basis. For our latest collection on second hand products, check out or 'Clearance Bargains' or give us a call on 01455 697878.
Away From The Office
Outside of the Business, the few hours I've had spare has been spent with my family. There's nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my grandchildren and I will soon be welcoming a third Grandchild as Matthew's wife is only a couple of weeks away from delivering their first child. I cant wait to meet him! It's great to see my family grow and at times they really are able to put life in perspective for me. As I am sure you can appreciate with the work I do, its very tiring and at times you can lose focus on the important things in life, but without fail my family always make me remember! 

We are confident that 2018 will continue to be a busy time for us all at Music Traders and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you as time goes on.

For any more information about products mentioned in this article or any other products we may have available, please do not hesitate to contact us at our showroom on 01455 697878.